Meric Khchei is one of the fine Khmer food restaurant owned by chef Ratana who have experience 1 year training as culinary art skills at Paul Dubrule School, 2 years as cook at Victoria Angkor Hotel, 7 years junior Sous chef at Hotel De La Paix and 5 years executive chef with pre opening team of Chanrey Tree Restaurant which the famous in Siem Reap, now I moved out to do own restaurant


We use the freshness of local vegetable from surrounding the village, fish from Mekong and Tonle Sap lake, seafood from Sihanuk ville, We try our best to explore the local authentic Khmer flavor. Pickup some foods which is very long ages and not many restaurants use it.

Borbor Phek is the congee made from little rice, Khmer Khroeung, pounded fish which get from the rice field and itchy taro stem. During Khmer Rue war, Cambodia is hard to get food, Taro stem is kinds of pig’s food but because Khmer are in the war can not make own farm so they try to use itchy taro stem or some other vegetables around the village to cook for the humane with boil so many times to remove the itchiness, and Ka Duch is kinds of poison root but they sliced it put in running water till no more poisoning than cook for food, but now can not get it because we are having enough good food to eat


My father was doing the chef for the restaurant served the wedding party, I was really young in that time but I’m really happy with his job, than after I graduate bachelor of tourism I start my job is cooking skills 15 years, until now I decided to do my own restaurant